The power and resources to physically regulate and control who comes to your door!

Map: North East EnglandIn early 2016 the North East of England will become the first region in the UK where home owners and tenants can enrol their homes in paid for preference services - designed specifically to professionally represent and protect their rights to privacy at home.

For the first time ever in the UK, the services will be able to provide them not only with the power and resources to physically regulate and control who comes to their door - but also - what comes "through" the letterbox on the door of their home!

The services are being introduced to offer a solution to the 90% of homeowners surveyed year after year who said individually that they hated being disturbed and annoyed by unsolicited callers, unsolicited and junk mail.

This is in addition to the associated costs in crime, nuisance, waste and tax cost that these problems create for our society as a whole and that we all have to live and work in.

The UK is the first country in the world to see the start of these services that with even modest take up in a housing market the size of the UK would see the crime, nuisance and waste associated with these problems - slashed.

This means collective annual savings of millions of pounds a year for household taxpayers.

These individual household benefits mean that countrywide collective saving are made in cutting waste and unnecessary cost to the taxpayer.

These savings are complimented by the multi million pound a year funding stream generated from solving and administrating the perennial problem of nuisance callers and mail - and the wider effects they have on society and the environment.

It is these ethically created funding streams that are then equally divided on a regional monthly basis for spending on good causes, community projects and charity as voted for by members of the services - wherever the services operate.

In addition to the reduction in crime and their contribution to preserving the environment, the introduction and administration of the new UK Doorstep Choice™ and UK Letter Box Choice™ services have the very real potential to create thousands of new jobs and employment opportunities throughout the UK.


Last, but by no way least, our aims and intentions - "to protect the right to privacy at home" - have the support of the UK Government, the Police, and the Trading Standards Authority.