UK Letterbox Choice™

The power and resources to physically regulate and control what comes through the door of your home!

Junk MailUK Letterbox Choice™ is the service for home owners and tenants who want to be able to physically regulate and control what comes through the door of their home - and also when - it comes through the door of their home.

Joining is easy!

Like UK Doorstep Choice™, you pay a one off joining and administration fee (see below) which covers the professional installation of a locking device to the letterbox of your home that allows the householder to time when access through the letterbox is allowed. For example, during expected post times, or during daytime only. You then pay an annual membership subscription of £10.95 (equivalent to 3p per day) for as long as you decide to remain in the service.

The installation is fully guaranteed and insured, and the unit itself is usually installed within an hour and normally within seven days from the time of placing your order.

UK Letterbox Choice™ use the services of the nation's foremost provider of letterbox security.

All of our trained installers are Trading Standards Registered or Police Approved locksmiths. Once installed, the installer will show you how the unit works and leave you with your membership pack and helpline details.


We have two options for the UK Letterbox Choice™ service as follows:

Letter Plate Security
Letter Plate
Install/Registration: £67.95+VAT
Sash-Jammer/Snap Lock
Locking Sash
Install/Registration: £74.95+VAT

Why do I pay a subscription?

Once your home address is registered on our protected database its enrolled by us in the Royal Mail's own postal preference scheme on an annual basis which then already automatically reduces the amount of unsolicited mail you receive along with your normal post.

As you're also able to physically determine when access to your home through your letterbox outside of any normal postal delivery time is allowed - according to your particular household needs, it also means you'll then be able to drastically restrict the amount of hand delivered junk mail too.

That means your home is less likely to become a target for postal vandalism as the unit can be set to lock throughout the hours of darkness, which is something that elderly and vulnerable home owners said they could really appreciate.

Charities and collectors that operate door-to-door will be be able to recognise that your home is protecting its privacy, helping the environment and supporting charity by being part of a service that is already contributing daily to local charitable and good causes.


These equal collective micro contributions are externally audited and deployed by a separate local trust fund in each one of the towns and cities making a contribution.

UKLC member residents can then see how their equal contributions are being spent locally to benefit their own areas.