UK Doorstep Choice™

The power and resources to physically regulate and control who comes to your door!

knock on doorThe UK Doorstep Choice™ service is for people who want help in being able to either regulate or stop unsolicited callers at the door of their home. Every household's right to privacy stands above the rights of any unsolicited callers' rights - whether that is a salesperson, charity collector, political party or religious caller.

Now, for the first time in the UK, householders will be able to see those rights legitimately recorded and enforced through the introduction of services designed to represent and protect them.

Joining is easy!

You pay a one time joining fee of £2.95 to cover post and administration and an annual membership subscription of £10.95 (equivalent to just 3p per day) for as long as you choose to stay in the service.

Your address is entered onto our database and linked to our 24/7 telephone help centre.

You will usually receive your membership details and door stickers within seven days from application.

Why do I pay a subscription?

The service is for homeowners who believe that charity begins at home. They want their home to be recognised by charity representatives who are calling door-to-door as a one already making an ongoing contribution to charity and so expect their contribution and privacy at the door to be recognised and respected.

It is all of the collective equal micro contributions that are externally audited and spent on good causes and projects as voted for by members of the services in communities and cities where members live, allowing them to actually see the difference their micro contribution is making.

Market research has shown that bogus callers and criminals are much more likely to avoid the risk of calling at a home when it can be identified as being part of a nationally recognisable service that can provide that vital link directly to their local Trading Standards or Police on behalf of the householder.


Last, but by no way least, our aims and intentions - "to protect the right to privacy at home" - have the support of the UK Government, the Police, and the Trading Standards Authority.